According to a research report, the 3D medical imaging market’s Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the period from 2021 to 2030 is projected to be as high as 6.6%. This growth can be attributed to the ability of imaging systems to provide increasingly more comprehensive diagnostic information during surgery. The most common medical imaging devices include endoscopes, X-ray systems, computed tomography, and the Da Vinci robotic surgical system. The 4K, naked-eye, 3D surgical medical imaging PC from Cypress Technology (CYP), which received the Taiwan Excellence 2023, is an innovative product specifically designed for medical professionals. It allows for the direct transmission of real-time 3D images from multiple medical imaging devices, such as endoscopes, X-ray systems, computed tomography, and the Da Vinci robotic surgical system, to an external monitor without the need for 3D glasses.


The traditional equipment used to convert stereoscopic 2D images into 3D images is prone to deviation, often resulting in excessive, or insufficient, image compensation, leading to an ineffective 3D effect. Additionally, traditional polarization-based 3D display technology can lead users to experience fatigue from needing to continually wear a pair of polarized glasses. This reduces their willingness to use the technology and, thus, the opportunity to use 3D imaging to assist clinical healthcare is lost.


CYP’s 4K naked-eye 3D surgical medical imaging PC can synchronously integrate a pair of stereoscopic video inputs and output to a naked-eye 3D display resulting in true 3D endoscopic images for use by surgeons and medical technologists without the need for polarized lenses. Additionally, it can provide a 3D model for preoperative assessment. Real-time, dynamic, 3D medical images can be simultaneously displayed and recorded during surgery, allowing additional medical personnel to observe and assist in the surgery. The captured and stored 3D endoscopic images can also be used for clinical teaching and workshops in the future, making this an innovative breakthrough in the medical industry.


This product has been tested for clinical use with the internationally renowned Da Vinci robotic surgical system, by endoscope manufacturers, and is currently being tested in major teaching hospitals across Taiwan. Through our cooperation with both domestic and foreign medical imaging equipment and hospitals, the naked-eye 3D display of medical images will bring further improvements to clinical assistance within the medical field.