Generator & Analyzer


8K HDMI Signal Generator & Analyzer (Portable Version)

  • Generator (Test Pattern Mode) supports 40 selectable output resolutions up to 8K and 19 selectable test patterns
  • Analyzer mode supports 8K source video, audio, timing and packet analysis
  • Comprehensive EDID management, analysis and emulation support with 12 built-in default EDIDs and 10 user-definable EDIDs
  • Portable palm-sized design with easy to use front-panel controls
  • OLED display with rapid updates of current status information
  • HDCP and SCDC monitoring functions
  • HDR bypass, analysis and generation function complies with the CEA standard HDR static metadata extensions CEA-861-G and CEA- 861.3
  • Supports generation of up to 8 channels of LPCM audio with adjustable sinewave frequencies for each channel
  • Powered by a single Lithium-ion battery (not included) or an external USB-C power supply/power bank
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