UHD+ USB Capture

  • Automatically scales 4K sources to 1080p for USB capture 
  • Unit may be powered directly via USB 3.0 (When using USB 2.0, a Y-cable is required to provide additional power) 
  • Supports video timing stabilization to help ensure a reliable and stable USB capture stream
  • Capturing over USB 3.0 allows uncompressed video and audio data capture (up to 1080p, LPCM 2.0) 
  • Capturing over USB 2.0 requires the application of minimal MJPEG compression to the video and audio data (up to 1080p, LPCM 2.0
  • Supports capturing 2 channel digital audio from either HDMI (LPCM 2.0) or the 3.5mm analog audio input (selectable via configuration software
  • Compliance with the UAC (USB Audio Class) and UVC (USB Video Class) standards, allows the unit to support most common capture and video streaming software
     Note: Availability and access to the controllable features of the unit depend on the capture software used. 
  • Support for the Free OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) streaming software which is available for Windows PC, macOS and Linux 
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